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All The Good That I Can Do

Talk about expressing gratitude for You! This is a song by Jana Standfield titled, All I Can Do. (I have updated this post with the lyrics). As you watch the video, listen to the lyrics.     Here are the lyrics: I cannot do All the good That the world Needs But the world Needs…

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Gratitude For Your Visions Board


Express your gratitude for your Vision Board everyday! Every time you look at it and every time you align what you want with the representation of it on your vision board you bring forth more gratitude in your life.

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Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Does artwork and paintings inspire gratitude for you? I did not know that Jim Carey was do deeply involved as a painter.   Do you paint? How do you express yourself?

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With Gratitude For This Powerful Inspirational True Story

Here is a video titled, ” With Gratitude for this Powerful Inspirational true story…Never give up!.” The text in the video was not 100% correct. The NY Times reported the following: Derek Redmond could remember trying to get up, trying to break away from the stretcher bearers in some crazy effort to qualify in a…

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