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A Thanksgiving Tradition…

Here is a Thanksgiving Day Tradition! Every year a new York radio station would play this song on Thanksgiving! Every year, I still play it!   (From Wilkipedia) The church where this all began This song is called Alice’s Restaurant, and it’s about Alice, and the restaurant, but Alice’s Restaurant is not the name of…

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Gratitude for No Tickets


When parking meter time expires and cars are still in their parking places, Chapel Hill, just like many other municipalities, usually issues parking tickets; Each ticket resulted in a fine of $15. Of all cars ticketed, one-third of them are first-time offenders. However, town officials decided to try something unique: first time parking offenders will receive a “Thank You” note.

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Feel Great Right Now!


Want to feel more gratitude right now? Want to feel great in an instant? Here is a quick, sure fire way to feel good right now!

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So Much Gratitude In Something So Little


People often appreciate the talents of others. Have you considered the talents that you posses? I am sure that you can be grateful for something that you do uniquely well. When you have some time today, think about that which you can do very well. Share your talents and skills with someone else.

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