Your Gratitude Burst – 2010 10 17

“Never let the tools stop you from doing what you want to do.”

– Paul B. Taubman, II

What a week this has been! If you are interested, you can read about it at

Because of everything that has been going on, there was a technical snafu with yesterday’s quote (it was not officially ‘published’ so it never went out) and today’s quote is going out late because I slept for 12 hours last night!

Just as a quick note as to where today’s quote originated – I received an email from Gail who asked a question. She is looking for a good program to use on her PC to keep a Gratitude Journal. My response what that whatever she has should be fine! Using MS Word to capture your thoughts about Gratitude is perfect! There is no need to put off writing because you do not have, ‘the right program.’

This applies to almost every aspect of your life. Certainly, the right tools make the task easier, however, do not put on the brakes as you search for the right tool. Use what you have now. Take action! Action is a beautiful thing!

Enjoy your weekend!

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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