Your Gratitude Burst – 2010 11 13

“Life excites me – just little, normal, everyday things. Getting out of bed. Getting dressed. Making food. I find it all exciting.”

– Liv Tyler

Thanks for the quote, Robert!

What a great idea. Yesterday I talked about being thankful for the air and for food (ring any bells?) Today is all about “the little things.”

While I prefer to think there are no “little things” – everything is important. You can be grateful for all the “little things.” – when you do, you will find your day to be much more fulfilling.

Rather than mis-labeling them as, “little things”, it is more accurate to refer to them as “things that we take for granted.”

When you stop taking things for granted, you will see there are no “little things.”

Everything is a big deal!

By the way – today’s blog post has a great snippet of an interview with Kevin Spa
cey. Check it out!

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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