I am Grateful For New Things I Did

I had a really productive evening tonight. I learned new things and helped people out. I would say that is pretty good!

After work, I stopped at a friend of a friend’s office. He was having issues with his computer network and I volunteered to ‘give it a shot’ to see what I could get done. Long story short, the office is up and running perfectly! Going in, I was not sure I knew what to do. But using what I know, I applied my skills and I was able to do something I had not done before.

There is a lesson in this – this story is not about what I did, but it is about what you should do. Don’t stop at something just because you never did it before. Give it a try! As my father always said, “Try it – You’ll like it!” The truth is that you will never know if you can do something new until you try to do it!

I tried it and I am grateful that I did. More importantly is that Dr. Chris is even more grateful for what I did. Gratitude all around!

Ain’t life grand??

Be Well.

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