Grateful for Social Media

The other day I posted about my Flip Video recorder. We went to Newark Airport on Tuesday evening to pick up Carrie and Tori – they arrived in from Georgia to spend some time up here in New Jersey.

Now, I could write all about the importance of being grateful for family and friends (and I will do that in a day or so), but today’s post is a mix-up of Social Media and my niece, Tori (Note to my other 8 Nieces and Nephews – I will write about each of you in upcoming blog entries 🙂

So (as my Dad used to say), “to make a long story longer…” last night I posted for the first ti
me ever a video on FaceBook. It was a video that I filmed on my Flip Video camera of Tori. Many people take sites like FaceBook for granted. Many people do not realize the importance of social media sites like Twitter. Regardless of where you stand, I am happy that they have become wildly popular. I have connected with friends that I have not seen in years, rekindled friendships from long ago, and and enjoyed the reconnection.

The fact that I could share a video with other family members so easily is fantastic!

Ahhhh… it is the little things that make me happy!

Be Well.

By the way… here is a little ‘experiment’. If you use Twitter, Facebook, or have your own blog, check this out: Help spread the word and get a free Gratitude Report!

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