Gratitude Never Rests

The votes have been cast and tallied! By an overwhelming landslide, the votes for the Gratitude Quote of the Day to be delivered 7 days a week far out numbered the delivery of them only 5 days.

Paul L’s sentiments were echoed by many responses:

“Is there a day of the week where we are exempt from gratitude?  Should we correlate gratitude only with the workday because many of us are thankful to just have a job?  Are we admitting that we are more regimented in checking our emails early in the day, right after we show up to work…as opposed to Saturday and Sunday when most of us sleep later and don’t get around to checking it until the afternoon???”

Yet here’s an even MORE simple consideration: why not be thankful for the weekend itself? It is the time we use to renew our selves in those areas I mentioned. Your messages on those mornings are just as crucial then, in my humble but accurate opinion {:-)

You can look forward to receiving the quote 7 days a week!

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Be Well.

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