Just for Fun

The Lost Generation video

I like this video a lot! The Lost GenerationI am part of a lost generation.And I refuse to believe thatI can change the world.I realize this may be a shock, but“Happiness comes from within”Is a lie, and“Money will make me happy”So in thirty years, I will tell my childrenThey are not the most important thing…

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The Little Boy and Sugar

I am reading Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior – this was made into a movie starring Scott Mechlowicz and Nick Nolte. The subtitle of the book is “A Book That Changes Lives,” which is much deeper than I remember the movie being. At one point in the story, Socrates (Dan’s teacher) tells the story of an…

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Thank You For The Music – Amanda Seyfried

I started to work a little earlier today and have some music playing. This song came on and I started bopping around! Here is Amanda Seyfried singing Thank You For the Music from the motion picture, Mamma Mia. Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singingThanks for all the joy they’re bringing. If you…

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Stand By Me

Another wonderful video – this one demonstrates how it is possible for people to come together across geographical borders and share their music. I am so grateful to see this type of collaboration! From the award-winning documentary, Playing For Change: Peace Through Music comes “Stand By Me,” the first of many Songs Around The World…

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So Much Gratitude In Something So Little


People often appreciate the talents of others. Have you considered the talents that you posses? I am sure that you can be grateful for something that you do uniquely well. When you have some time today, think about that which you can do very well. Share your talents and skills with someone else.

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