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If you are a Quote of the Day subscriber, you know that I have had a heck of a weekend due to work. It has been a couple days wince I wrote anything here at the blog. Well, I am here to tell you that I am back 🙂 I received an email from Lucie…

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What a Response!

All I have to say today is ‘Wow!’ (I am sure I can say other things, but that comes to mind first!) The responses based on yesterday’s Quote of the Day have been pouring in! I am not sure I can reply to all of them. I will, however, compile them and post them to…

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Corn Maze

Today we went to a Corn Maze at the Norz Hill Farm! I had a lot of fun going on the hay ride/tractor ride out to pick pumpkins, gather gourds, and to see a working farm. They have many animals, but primarily they have cows. One of the facts that stuck in my mind was…

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