What a Response!

All I have to say today is ‘Wow!’ (I am sure I can say other things, but that comes to mind first!)

The responses based on yesterday’s Quote of the Day have been pouring in! I am not sure I can reply to all of them. I will, however, compile them and post them to share. There were some awesome insights that were shared and I am truly honored that people took time out of their day to send me a reply.

Let me tell you a little about the quote. I was chatting with a good friend of mine and asked for a quote. The Van Gogh quote that was used was short and sweet, “I’m not an adventurer by choice but by fate.” I simply asked that people let me know how that quote relates to gratitude. A few of those responses were:

Marisa: “I think it means we should be grateful for the adventures we are given…”

Guy: “One should be grateful for one’s nature and live it confidently and with pride.  We all serve a purpose by simply being ourselves.”

Nancy: “Fate? For me, it is God’s plan. Accepting Life on God’s terms”

Wendy: “I am grateful to have physical and mental well being, which in turn enables me to be an adventurer….  ;)”

Every day is an adventure!  What an assortment of interpretations of the quote! And like I said, I received a slew of responses.

A few emails came in asking if I was on FaceBook – which I am. I am adding a ‘badge’ below if you would like to connect. If so, just click on the picture. Please include a message when you “Add as Friend” – it is always nice to say something than just clicking the button.

Paul Taubman

Be Well.

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