Corn Maze

Today we went to a Corn Maze at the Norz Hill Farm! I had a lot of fun going on the hay ride/tractor ride out to pick pumpkins, gather gourds, and to see a working farm. They have many animals, but primarily they have cows. One of the facts that stuck in my mind was the spiel on the way to the animals – “The cows are milked twice daily. The first milking is at 3:00 AM and the second one is 12 hours later at 3:00 PM”. My first thought was, “They need to change that schedule! If it were me, I would go for maybe 6 & 6 or even 7 & 7!

As I started to think about it, I realized how much I take for granted many things. When I need milk for my Fruity Pebbles, I simply run to the corner store and get a half-gallon, hand over a couple bucks and away I go. How easy is that! I have NEVER consciously thought about what it takes for that gallon of milk to be in my hand. I have never thought of the farmer who is out there at 3am in the morning milking those cows. I know how hard Farm Life is (OK, I think I know – I have never lived on a working farm) but it never occurred to me how fortunate I am to have so much done for me on a daily basis.

Think about what is provided for you on a daily basis and you will find there is a lot of things in which you can be grateful.

Be Well.

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  1. Debbie on October 5, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Thank you first coming to our farm. We are grateful for your post and thankful that you understand what it takes to enjoy your Fruity Pebbles! Although we sold the milking stock in April we do still have 225 young dairy animals. We hope to be able to milk again one day.

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