Items 61 – 70 which bring more Gratitude to me

Items  61 – 70 which bring more Gratitude to me!

I am grateful for:

61. My morning coffee as I relax and enjoy the Saturday morning.

62. My Keurig coffee machine – while some people may say it makes me lazy, i say it offers convenience!

Lots of Gratitude for my Keurig coffee maker!

63. I have more gratitude as I feel the anticipation of seeing my sister, her husband, and my nieces later this morning!

64. Yesterday at work, a stray (?) dog was wandering the parking lot. He was a nice old puppy, but had some bad cuts and scrapes on his paws. A co-worker and I brought him int
o the building, gave him water and some food (lunch leftovers) while help was called. He was such a happy puppy! He made me smile!

65. The smell of the early morning outside.

66. Electricity! Imagine life without it! i can’t! No computers, no lights, no radio music, no eight-track tapes… Hmmm..

67. Just took a sip of my coffee as I am typing this. I am grateful for the workers that picked my coffee in South America!

68. My Victrola that I purchased years ago from the clock dealer in Rochester, NY when I was with Ric!

69. I have more gratitude in my life because the simple things like my razor and shaving cream! Although I have not shaved in 2 weeks, I think it might be time. The other day I mentioned an Origins’ product, Modern Friction. The shaving cream I use, Blade Runner, is also
from Origins’ and I simple LOVE it! (maybe I should get Origin’s to sponsor me 🙂

70. You! Have I mentioned that I am grateful for all the people that are reading my blog?

You are invited to list something(s) that brings more gratitude to you by leaving some comments to this posting. Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers to the age old question of, “What bring more gratitude to you?” Each person will certainly have different answers. The reason I am doing this in chunks of 10 is that I am interested in looking back (in 100 days from now) and seeing how my perspective has changed.

Be Well. May your Gratitude increase as the day continues on.

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