Items 71 – 80 which bring more Gratitude to me

Items  71 – 80 which bring more Gratitude to me!

I am grateful for:

71. Watching the movie with George Clooney, “Up In the Air” – I am grateful for laughing after having a bad day!

72. Earlier this evening, I had a great Chicken Parm sandwich for dinner!

73. I am happy that I got to do a few things that I have been putting off.

74. RedBox! Movie rentals for a buck make me smile! And I am grateful that there is one close to home! (Two actually – Double the Gratitude!)

75. Watching Rachel use the sling shot to shoot acorns at the watering can!

76. Knowing that Jose and Chris are on vacation – different vacations.

77. A well-charged cordless phone (definitely better than one where the battery is dying!)

78. I am filled with gratitude for tomorrow being Monday! A lot of people don’t like Mondays… I do!

79. Sitting out on the patio just relaxing!

80. Knowing that it is ok to spill some wine every now and then!

You are invited to list something(s) that brings more gratitude to you by leaving some comments to this posting. Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers to the age old question of, “What bring more gratitude to you?” Each person will certainly have different answers. The reason I am doing this in chunks of 10 is that I am interested in looking back (in 100 days from now) and seeing how my perspective has changed.

Be Well. May your Gratitude increase as the day continues on.

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