Items 121– 130 which bring more Gratitude to me

Items  121 – 130 which bring more Gratitude to me!

You can see the items from 111 – 120 here.

This morning as I was brushing my teeth, I had a thought about my gratitude as it pertained to brushing my teeth! I thought I would make that today’s theme to show how any ‘mundane’ activity can include gratitude.

111. I am grateful for my toothbrush! I get a new one every month. gratitude-eco-dent

112. 884 million people la
ck access to safe water supplies; approximately one in eight people – I am so grateful for having running water in my house!

113. When brushing my teeth, I am thankful for my dentist – I have been going to him for years!

114. Although it is small, I say Thanks for my ‘master’ bathroom where I brush my teeth!

115. have I even mentioned my teeth yet? Gotta love ’em!

116. Believe it or not, I am grateful that there are so many different brands, flavors, and types of toothpaste! I think my favorite comes in a powdered form! I really enjoy Eco-Dent.

117. I recently went out and purchased the most softest, fluffiest, towels and floor mat set. Walking on the floor mat is awesome!

118. I have a little bamboo plant on the sink that greets me every morning as I am brushing my teeth. Thank you little Bamboo plant!

119. I am grateful for the minty fresh breath I get when I brush my teeth.

120. Silly as it may sound, I am grateful for the little travel sized tooth
paste for when I am traveling! I keep a few different kinds on hand, so it is a treat to pick a different one for each trip 🙂

There you go! I just rattled off 10 things which bring me more gratitude all dealing with brushing my teeth! Who would have thought this could happen? I wonder if this is the first post EVER on the internet on this exact topic! I may be starting a trend!

You are invited to list something(s) that brings more gratitude to you by leaving some comments to this posting. Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers to the age old question of, “What bring more gratitude to you?” Each person will certainly have different answers. The reason I am doing this in chunks of 10 is that I am interested in looking back (in 100 days from now) and seeing how my perspective has changed.

Be Well. May your Gratitude increase as the day continues on.

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