Your Gratitude Burst – 2010 09 20

“Begin to see life through a completely different lens. * Life doesn’t happen TO you. Rather, it can happen BECAUSE of you. You have far more power and influence than you can possibly imagine. And once you decide, you can use your power to affect your own life as well as the life of the people around you.”
– Dick Sutphen
I am amazed that some people think that they have no control over their life. They go around with the idea that they are not in control of what happens to them. As Mr. Sutphen points out, you are in control of your life, it does not control you.
What have you put off because you think you cannot do something? In a sense, you are saying that you are not in control of your life. You can do whatever you want. Realistically, you may need to practice or try a few times before you can accomplish that which you want. Enjoy your trials and errors. Smile at
the progress you make even if it ends up in results you “used to” call a
failure. In time, success will be yours.
Have you realized how much more grateful you will be when you achieve that which you think you cannot?
Through the roof, Baby!
Be Well.

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