Your Gratitude Burst – 2010 10 08

“The only person that has to change is You.”

– Marvin John Towler

Marvin’s quote works well with Jack Canfield’s snippet from a couple days ago. Take 100% responsibility for everything and don’t try to change anyone or anything else.

The only change that can be made is you. And you are the only person that has to change.

The change may be huge (and you already know what needs to change) or it could be a small tweak. Acknowledge what needs to change and then develop a plan to implement it.

Change is good. It should not be viewed as resistance. Embrace the change. Love the change. Be the change.

Congratulations to Marco and Kara! May you each inspire each other to continue to inspire each of you (is that sentence like a Mobius strip?)

By the way – if you want to read about my recent ‘altercation’ with the Law, check out:

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