Your Gratitude Burst – 2010 10 13

“Gratefulness and simple living go hand in hand. When we are grateful, we appreciate life’s free gifts: friendship and solitude; movement and rest; Nature’s bounty and her spare winter introversion; our own alternating sonata movements of joy, sorrow, and joy’s resurgence. Through this appreciation, we find contentment.”

– Unknown

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And thanks to Wendy for passing along this quote!

Have you ever noticed that the simple things in life are so rich and fabulous? How wonderful is a simple walk on the beach? Or a trek on a trail through the woods? And how about spending time with old friends you have not seen in a while? One of my favorites – reading! There is so much joy in simple living.

As over-achieving humans, however, we try to complicate things and mess it all up! We do and we do, only to get burned out! Take a moment and breath in and out. Close your eyes and try to clear your thoughts for a moment. Experience the bliss!

I posted another good story about this over at:

I hope you enjoy it and get something from it.

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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