Your Gratitude Burst – 2011 01 12

“The best way to keep relationships happy, healthy, and supportive can be summed up in one word: appreciation. What you appreciate, appreciates. When we demonstrate our appreciation for the support we receive from others, it reinforces that behavior and deepens our connection to them.”

– Marci Shimoff, Author of Love For No Reason

Think of this… When you invest in a house, or coins, or baseball cards, or Barbies, you hope that they will increase in value. In other words, you want the value to appreciate! The same is true of your relationships! You should nourish them, support them, and be grateful for them for they will increase in value. Appreciate your relationships!

The truth is…. you have a relationship at one level or another, with EVERYONE! Don’t take anyone for granted. Be grateful for that person.

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Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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