Your Gratitude Burst – 2011 01 15

“There are no ordinary moments. There is always something going on.”

– The Peaceful Warrior, By Dan Millman

Have you read the book, The Peaceful Warrior? How about seen the movie with Nick Nolte?

This book is a fictional autobiography of Dan Millman as the lead character. In reality, the author has a professional background in gymnastics and teaching. In the book he was a college student who was in the gymnastic program.

Long story short, He meets a mysterious old man who works the graveyard shift at a nearby gas station. Dan names this attendant ‘Socrates’ because he never gives a straight answer.

At one point in the book, Dan realizes that even when he thinks there is nothing going on, in reality, there is always something going on. Because
of this, there are no ordinary moments.

The same is true for gratitude. You may think there is nothing going on right now and that everything is ordinary and ‘just is’. In fact, there are no ordinary moments. There is always something to be grateful for.

Enjoy your unOrdinary Saturday.

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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