Your Gratitude Burst – 2011 01 20

“Don’t put off living to next week, next month, next year or next decade. The only time you’re ever living is in this moment.”

– Unknown

Here is something that I thought was a little odd about me.

I would plan trips to go away – business trips, vacations, whatever it was. Even up to a few days before the trip, I was not excited about it. I was not ‘all crazy’ about going to Disney World or out to Vegas! I wanted to go. I was happy I was going. But the build up and anticipation did not give me the ‘Yippees!’ Not until the morning I was leaving!

The day of the trip I would be like an excited kid rearing to go!

But until then, not a whole lot of butterflies in my stomach.

I recently figured it out and it surprised me! I really do not look to the future and anticipate things. Sure, I know they are there, I plan them out. I work towards my goals. But for the most part, I am focused on ‘The Now’. I am present.
I am experiencing ‘The Moment’.

I am grateful for being here and not looking forward all the time to something in the future.

It reminds me of the song from Rent – No Day But Today.

Live Today.

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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