Your Gratitude Burst – 2011 02 02

“One person with a belief is equal to a force of 99 who have only interests.”

– John Stuart Mill

I have a strong belief in the power of gratitude – can you tell? That’s my bag (depending on your age, that might make sense or not! Think back to the 60’s!)

In any case, we all have beliefs. We all have strong convictions in us. Some embrace it, make it their calling, and pursue it. Others keep it bottled up inside themselves so deep they may not even know what it is.

Dig deep if you must! Be grateful that you can be relentless in following your belief (and I hope no one is in a situation where this is not possible). Live up to your potential. Your gratitude will be magnified when you are in this optimal state.

What beliefs do you hold dear to yourself? Are you sharing them? Is it feeling good?

Be Well.
he Gratitude Guru

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