Your Gratitude Burst – 2011 02 19

“That’s all, ladies and gentlemen, that’s all. Come again to the greatest show on earth. Bring the children. Bring the old folks. You can shake the sawdust off your feet, but you can’t shake it outta your heart. Come again, folks. The Greatest Show on Earth. Come again.”

– Midway Barker, “The Greatest Show on Earth”

I spent much of the day yesterday at the Ringling Museum of Art; more specifically, I spent a lot of time in the Cà d’Zan, Mansion, which means “House of John”.
The Ringlings’ dazzling palatial mansion is a tribute to the American Dream and reflects the splendor and romance of Italy. Described as “the last of the Gilded Age mansions” to be built in America, Cà d’Zan has 56 incredible rooms filled with art and original furnishings. With its Venetian Gothic architecture, the mansion is a combination of the grandeur of Venice’s Doge’s Palace, combined with the gothic grace of Cà d’Oro, with Sarasota Bay serving as its Grand Canal.
I am grateful that the original home and grounds have been preserved and made available to the public. It is a gorgeous place to visit in Sarasota, Fl.
Of course, I am also grateful to be able to spend the time with my family who alway show exceptional hospitality and are a lot of fun! Read more about my day here.

Be Well.
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