Money for paying my bills?


I am just going through my receipts, balancing my checkbook, and paying bills. Not what most people will think as joyful or have any gratitude in it… Well, as I picked up the pile of receipts, lo and behold, there is a nice $10 bill that I did not even know I had!

“I’m a Money Magnet! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!”

I love when the Universe presents me with money. I am so filled with gratitude and joy at this pleasant surprise!

I literally say, “I’m a Money Magnet! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!” when I “find” money. After I say that, I take the opportunity to thank the Universe for all its many blessings. I give thanks for my vibrant health, a beautiful house, my loving relationships, and the work i do that brings me joy.

I feel so blessed and grateful for the amazing life I am living.

My gratitude practice has become such a powerful force in my life, helping me appreciate the beauty and abundance that surrounds me daily. Through this practice, I have come to understand that true joy comes from within – not from what we can attain or acquire externally.

I know that when we live with an attitude of gratitude, the Universe works in our favor and brings us even more opportunities for joy. So I take a few moments each day to acknowledge my blessings, express thanks for all that I have been given, and celebrate life!

I am so blessed to be able to experience such joy every day – and it all starts with being thankful for the little things. So don’t forget to take a few moments each day and practice gratitude! You’ll be surprised by the abundance of blessings you will find when you do.

Thank you, Universe, for all that you bless me with – I am truly grateful!

Mic Drop 🙂

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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