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Gratitude For Found Cash!


Last night I was expressing my gratitude as I was emptying my wallet of all the receipts I had in there.  When I go shopping, I like to get the receipt handed to me. I then either slip it into my wallet, or I fold it in half (so it will fit) and save it…

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A Quote? Everyday?

(This is a previously posted post that I updated. I frequently get asked, “You send out a Gratitude Burst? Everyday? How interesting! Why?” I think it is time to outline the history of the Quote, and how it came about. I do not know the actual start date of the Quote of the Day, but…

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You Can’t Do it Wrong

I received an interesting email from a subscriber who asked about the right way to be grateful: Hi – thanks for all the good work you are doing with your quote. I find that when I read it, I think about what you write and I feel the gratitude. But once work starts, I seem…

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Believing in Yourself


Have you ever thought about how much believing in yourself makes a difference in your quality of life? After all, EVERYBODY wants to improve their quality of life, right? Regardless of how good you have it, improving it can only be better for you. This starts by recognizing your potential. When you recognize your potential…

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