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How Can I Live a Simple Life in A Modern World?

It takes bravery to live a simple life. Your family might not comprehend why you are passing on a job advancement that would have brought you a significant pay raise and a ton of new duties. Friends will wonder why you stopped participating in online discussions. As you pay off debt and sell your huge…

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Why a Simple Life Leads to Happiness

There are a lot of unhappy people, but they don’t know why. They got into the myth that having a successful career would allow them to purchase large homes with plenty of possessions. They use the most recent technology to stay in touch with friends, family, and foes via social media. Why are people dissatisfied…

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5 Ways to Live a Simpler Life

Many individuals desire a simpler lifestyle. Few succeed in it. Although it seems appealing, reaching happiness while letting go of your possessions is challenging. However, the advantages are enormous. Your health is reversible. You can reunite with your family. Your level of stress will decrease. These all add up to a life that has been…

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