How Can I Live a Simple Life in A Modern World?

It takes bravery to live a simple life. Your family might not comprehend why you are passing on a job advancement that would have brought you a significant pay raise and a ton of new duties. Friends will wonder why you stopped participating in online discussions. As you pay off debt and sell your huge property in exchange for a smaller one, you could find that some people start to doubt your sanity. Yes, leading a simpler life will cause some people in your connection circles to look at you funny. The conveniences of modern living are supposed to make life simpler, but this isn’t always the case.

6 Ways to Live a Simple Life 

When you’ve had enough and decide to join the growing numbers of people looking for a simpler life, modern life will likely stand in the way. Here are some viable strategies for clinging to the simple life in the modern era:

  1. Remember that living a simple life is your choice. Just because your friends and relatives have complicated, hectic lives don’t mean you have to. You can follow a different route that is consistent with your ideals.
  2. Opt for a basic cell phone. Think about how often your smartphone’s notifications cause you to miss out on things. They force you to become constantly distracted and are hence distracting. Find a cell phone that simply allows you to make and receive calls. Your stress levels will reduce, and the price will be far less.
  3. Remove social media from your phone. Remove all social networking apps from your smartphone, even if you keep them. It sounds extreme, doesn’t it? Social media scrolling takes up much of the time you could spend with your family. Gain some time back by learning to limit your laptop social media usage to specific periods of the day.
  4. Pay off your credit cards. You become a slave to the credit card business if you have debt. They become a burden when you don’t pay them off each month. Use them sparingly; do not go overboard. Only buy what you can afford to pay for when the bill arrives.
  5. Drop cable service. Many people pay more than $100 monthly on dozens of channels they never use. Why would you do this when streaming services are incredibly affordable and accessible over-the-air stations? You can pay off your credit cards with your savings.

Live simply on your terms rather than according to what the rest of the world believes. You can achieve a peaceful life if you learn to make certain sacrifices.

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