Grateful or Sadness??

I am not sure how I am feeling at this moment. The class I was teaching all semester since January is now over. The end of the semester is here and the final test was given tonight. Just about everyone who took the test successfully passed the exam!

That is not why I am sad. It is a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, I am happy to have my Tuesday evenings back. No class to teach for a few month! This also means Monday nights don’t have all the final prep work happening. The weekend will be free of grading labs, and lesson planning. Look at all the free time I gain back!

On the other hand, I will miss my students. Surprisingly enough, we were finally starting to gel these past few months. The connections were being made. For some reason, it took a while with this group, and it eventually happened. But not soon enough. I won’t be seeing most of them for some time now.

Since this was an Intro course I taught and in the Fall I will be teaching an upper level course, there is a good chance I wont be seeing any of them. Life moves on. People come into your life for a reason. Some are long term and share your life with them. Others are short timers for you, and help teach you a valuable lesson.

Looks like I will be pondering on those lessons I am to learn…

Be Well.

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