Grateful For What You Want

Many people talk, write and speak about the law of attraction. If you saw the movie “The Secret” you know it’s based on the law of attraction. As someone who has read many books on this and saw the movie “The Secret” I noticed that it speaks to American greed more than anything else. Nothing about the law of attraction teaches attracting goodness, peace, equality and real love into the world. Generally you find that the law of attraction is used for material gain such as a new car, home, job or lover.

What are you attracting into your life? Look around and realize that everything in your life (or not) is a direct result of the energy you put into things, not wishes. The law of attraction is just another “wish” unless you back it up with real action. Therein lies the rub. People think they can just wish things into their lives without any effort and that just isn’t the case.

All things begin with a thought, that is true. However, thoughts without action are like dust in the wind. Yes it’s good to want a new car but without working and saving for one it just won’t happen. This is true of all things regardless of how many gurus tell you to just visualize what you want. One must also know specifically what it is they want or they’ll never achieve it.

A person may “wish” for a new Chevy and yet limit the possibility of a limo complete with a driver! Don’t limit your thoughts and by all means don’t limit the energy you are willing to exert to get what you want. As the saying goes “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”.

Be Well.

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