Meditation Brings Upon A State of Gratitude

Meditation can be used by people of all ages to find inner peace or a sense of calm. There are numerous ways to meditate. The best way to find out what technique works for you is to just try some of the easiest and most common.

1. Take a deep breath. Try focusing on your breathing for a few minutes. You could perhaps set the timer on your watch or cellular phone and focus your energy on breathing for that amount of time.

2. Find a word that describes the goal you are trying to achieve. Some examples may be,”calm” or “relax.” Say this word over and over, out loud, while closing your eyes. The idea is to free your mind of any worry and focus on the here and now.

3. Spend time outdoors, in nature. Allowing even a short amount of time every day for a walk, or even just eating your lunch outdoors can put things in perspective.

4. Read an inspirational book in a quiet place. This will help take the focus away from what worries you and point you in a more positive direction.

5. Concentrate on a point in front of you. Sit in a comfortable position, rest your arms at your sides. Try to consciously slow your breathing and keep your eyes open, focusing on one point. Make sure you are looking at something that does not move or cause anxiety. Do this until you feel yourself physically and emotionally relax.

There is obviously a common theme among these suggestions to “focus.” By successfully focusing on something other than what causes you anxiety, you distract yourself into relaxing. The mind is a powerful thing. Often we just need to convince ourselves that everything will be okay, that it is okay to take a moment and put things back into perspective. By doing this, we can more effectively tackle those exact things that bring stress into our lives in the first place.

When you are feeling peaceful, calm, and relaxed, people are in a better mood – this is a great environment for Gratitude to thrive

Be Well.

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