Gratitude For ‘Bad Things’

Ever notice how things just seem to go your way sometimes? You drive to the mall and there is an open spot right in the first row. You head out to go home and you get all green lights! When you get the mail, you don’t get bills, but there are checks made out to you!

Or have you had just the opposite? <Insert Groan Here> You get to the mall and it is packed! You have to park all the way at the end! Driving home, each and every light is RED! And the mail? Yup! All Bills?

Which do you prefer? Actually, there is no difference between either of the two scenarios! Each one just ‘is.’ How you interpret it is entirely up to you!

Let’s take the ‘less wanted’ second scenario. You have to park all the way at the far end of the parking lot! What a fabulous opportunity to squeeze in a couple minutes of exercise and walking! How wonderful would it be to hit all the red lights and get to get so many times to PAUSE through your hectic day! And the Bills? Are you thankful that you received the goods and services for which you were being billed? If you have the funds in your bank account, are you grateful that you can pay them?

As Shakespeare stated via Hamlet, “‘For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so‘. If we believe it, it’s true for us!

Be Well.

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