Grateful for Spam

Is it a sign of ‘success’ when I start to get spam in my comments on my blog? Or, are the spam robots getting better in finding me? Either way, I see it as a good thing and I am grateful for it! I view this as a sign that I can be found, and therefore, my thoughts are reaching out to people who want it.

Fortunately, I can get to the spam before it is posted. If you do any blogging, you may know that there are ways to detect a real comment versus a fake one (or at least try to identify it). If/when you post a comment, you will generally see it posted as soon as you are finished with your comments. When a spammer posts it, my blog can detect it and puts it aside for my approval.

Bottom Line: Thanks for reading. If you are a spam robot looking to post a comment, thanks for stopping by as well. And if you are a real person, leave me a comment just to say hi!

By the way – this is a short post because I had another wonderful day out in PA with my family (on my wife’s side this time). I am grateful that I get along with them 🙂 You hear so many off-handed comments about in-laws and relatives – I think that is a shame.

OK – time to call it a night.

Be Well.

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