Close to Home

On my front porch, I have a porch light, probably like you do at your house. There is most likely one big difference – we have a bird’s nest on the top of the light!

It was amazing to see the nest take form! It is amazing how a Robin knows how to make such a creation! It is truly a work of art. Momma Robin has been recently sitting in her nest the past week or so; I imagine that she is keeping some eggs warm in the nest.

Whenever the front door open, Momma Birdie (as I call her) flies out of her next and onto the porch railing. As she is doing this, she is chirping and talking (or yelling) at me. When I come home, she is there to greet me (or attack). All the time, I talk to her and say hello – I have even put some food out for her so she does not have to go very far.

It is nice to see animals close to the house – I like to think that our aura or personality attracts them. Of course, it does not hurt that all the left over veggie s
craps go out to them!

I am happy to have my little critters living close to me!

Be Well.

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