“At Least…”

Are you truly feeling grateful for things in your life, or are you really feeling a void that you are trying to cover up by saying you are grateful? What are you genuinely feeling if/when you are saying you are grateful for something? Does the feeling penetrate your very being and travel all the way down (or up) to your soul? Or, are you trying to fill an emptiness within you when you state that you are feeling grateful?

A good way to tell the state in which you fall is to notice the words that you are saying. If you are using the “settling words” known as “At Least” then you may be covering up your feelings. “At Least” are what I call “settling words” because they reduce you to something lower. “At Least” I still have my health. “At Least” I am not homeless. By saying this phrase, you are stating that you are not truly happy with that which you have, but you will resolve to be content with something lesser. When you proclaim, “I have a r
oof over my head, at least I am not homeless,” you are implying that you are not happy with your current house; you would rather have another type of home.

Avoid using the phrase, “At Least.” It will never get you ahead! Do not settle for mediocrity when you can have greatness! Replace the phrase, “At Least” with the phrase, “I am so Happy and Grateful”. By doing this, you are focusing on something much more positive.

In the next couple days, I will talk about some other words that should be eliminated from your vocabulary.

Until then, Be Well.

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