Grateful for Capturing Memories

A Sunday morning ritual I have is to go to a Local Diner for breakfast. On the way out this morning, I grabbed my little Flip Video recorder and filmed some of the scenes of my neighborhood as we drove to get something to eat (Before anyone gets in an uproar, I was NOT driving and filming at the same time – remember… Safety First!)

Some people might think, “Well that is a crazy thing to do! You LIVE there – why would you need to film it?”

Honestly, I will probably not watch this clip of video in the next couple of years! However, if I decide to move or little Somerville, NJ gets SOOOO developed that is become an entirely different place, I have recorded a small piece of history. When I just grab the camera and film stuff, I frequently will start off with the phrase, “And here is some ‘Everyday Art’ that I will be capturing.”

Let’s fast forward some 20 years from now… I can look not only look back and say, “Wow! Remember the old neighborhood? – I can watch it!

Be Well.

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