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High Gratitude Levels with my Truck
Bye Bye Pick Up Truck

Do you have gratitude for a car that you used to have? I used to have a Ford Ranger pickup truck. Just like my current car, I had so much gratitude for it! I loved that vehicle. I had a lot of good times riding around in it. It helped me move my stuff as well as other people’s stuff. It towed a boat out on Long Island a couple of times, and it even got me out of a ticket once (but that is another story).

Recently, I decided that I would give it away since I was no longer using it as much as I could. And that is what I did. I donated it to a very worthy cause. When I tell people this, their first comment is, “Oh – for the tax write-off?” I have to agree that I did get a small tax write-off, but that is not the reason why I donated it. I did some investigation and I found that there are places that will give you a free vacation, or a voucher for airline tickets when you donate a vehicle to them. I could have picked one of these organizations if I really wanted something in return. In fact, I donated it because I was grateful that I could just donate it and give it away to a worthy cause.

In my heart, I feel I am one of the wealthiest people around. The levels of gratitude that I feel make me wealthy! I may not have as much money as someone else does and may not have a financial portfolio with extra zeroes at the end, but I am wealthy in my family, my friends, and my health. I have it all!

When it comes to giving away my truck, I was happy to select a worthy organization to receive it. What they do with it is up to them. I was a bit sad when I the tow truck came to take it away, but I found solace
in knowing that it was doing someone else some good. Someone that needed something a little more than I did.

Be Well.

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