Gratitude and Religion

Deborah Norville says, “The practice of gratitude is part of every major religion. But the greatGratitude-Book thing about Thank You Power (the title of her book) is that you need not be religious
to receive its benefits—atheists and agnostics can still enhance their lives with the practice of gratitude.”

Not to debate religious beliefs or compare religion in this post, I just want to say that gratitude is good. Period. I was brought up in a household that had a father who was the choir director at a Temple, and a mother who taught Sunday School. I certainly was exposed to both the Jewish and the Protestant religions. My sister, my brother, and I were each permitted to make our own decisions on what we wanted to do.

In all 3 of our cases, I think that we all appreciate gratitude regardless of which direction we went!

Gratitude is good – plain and simple.


  1. Maureen on August 26, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    I totally agree that you do not need to belong to a certain religious group before you enjoy the benefits of being grateful.

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