A Gratitude Poem

I found this poem and thought I would share it with everyone since it implies a great deal of gratitude!

A special person in my life.

Thank you for your beauty,
Your wisdom has engulfed me,
Your wealth has enriched me
And saved me from a world of pain and anger.

How can I even begin,
To reward you for your precious time,
You may never discover,
How deep you have climbed into my heart.

There are miracles,
And there are angels.
You are the answers that I question,
You are the light in my heart.

I would love to show my sincere appreciation,
Perhaps if you keep this close to you,
You will feel my gratitude,
Shower above you like eternal fresh rain.

Even though I am halfway through,
It feels as if I’ve reached,
There’s a mystery of desire,
About the sweetness that tomorrow may bring.

May God always be beside you,
To save another life,
To strengthen
your passion,
Which you wear with a fragrance so loving.

White diamond.

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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