You Are The Creator

“Your beliefs are what create your reality.”

I heard Joe Vitale say that and it was another one of those statements that just struck a chord. What you focus your mind on will shape and become present in the physical world. I have written about this before, but when Joe said it, the time was right!

I tried this today before I even heard him say this. I was chatting with a wonderful friend last night and for some reason, I promised that I would not be sarcastic today. All Day. And that included work. In a sense, my belief for the day was, “I am not sarcastic.” As a result, I ended up being very matter-of-fact and I was void of any cynicism. I surprised myself! I was not sure if maybe I just believed myself to be non-sarcastic, so I asked my co-workers. Lo and Behold, they agreed with me.

Try it out. Tomorrow, change your mindset and see how it changes your day. If you like the results, do it for another day. Then another. If you continue to do something new for 21 consecutive days, it will become a habit. If there is something that you would like to change, think differently for 3 short weeks. I bet you will amaze yourself!

Be Well.

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