Eternal Gratitude on eBay

I am not sure what prompted me to head over to eBay and search for gratitude. But I did. I have seen some crazy things for sale on eBay. Some are great and some are pretty wacky! Some things are useful and helpful, while others are novelty items. I have purchased many things though eBay over the years!

Gratitude-EbayWhat did I find when searched eBay? Well, I found a bunch of the same pictures with the description of, “7.5 x 10 Old woman praying PRINT only GRATITUDE” . I also found some jewelry. And it was then I came across, “My Eternal Gratitude.”

Can you buy someone’s eternal gratitude? Apparently so! With 51 minutes of the auction completing, I was the first bidder on someone’s eternal gratitude. As the description of my item reads:

My eternal gratitude.

In desperate need.  Eternal gratitude, good karma, etc. for sale.

I’m a 59-year old man with no job, no wife, no kids, no girlfriend.  No prospects.  About $30,000 in debt.  My car is old.  I was dumb enough to think I could make a living in show biz, so now I have no marketable job skills.  Even if I did, no one wants to hire a 59 yr. old with heath problems.  Severe depression., diabetes, hypertensive, etc.  Help.  Money, Please.

I don’t know his story, nor do I know if it is legitimate. I know that I placed a bid (The original Buy It Now price as $60,000).  I honestly do not have an extra $60K lying around (yet) to have the ability to Buy It Now. I am not sure how I will know that the seller’s gratitude will be eternal. I do know that the conditions of the sale state that there are no returns accepted! I will tell you all that I am grateful that there is FREE shipping for this item!

I look forward to seeing if I am the winning bid! I will certainly follow up with this story to let you all know.

Until then-

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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