Today was a busy day at work. I got in at 7:15 am, first conference call by 7:45 am, had lunch at my desk, many hours of meetings, and finally left work at 6:30 pm.

At the end of the day, a calm came over me. I drove home all relaxed. After the day I had, I was wondering what was the cause of this calming nirvana…  It was then I realized that I was just grateful for some much in my life. Grateful to be working when so many people are saying the economy is bad. Grateful for getting a lot more responsibility at work. Grateful that the day was over and I could go home and relax. Grateful that traffic was much lighter than when I leave earlier. Grateful that dinner was waiting for me at home. And the list goes on…

So when times are tough, close your eyes and think about all that you can be grateful for. It is a nice feeling!

Be Well.

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