This evening I went to my local Blood Bank and gave a gift of life. It was not the usual blood donation, but an Apheresis donation. In an apheresis (ay-fur-ee-sis) donation, from the Greek “to take away,” donors give only select parts of the blood — platelets, plasma, red cells,  white cells, or a combination of these. Apheresis is most commonly used to collect platelets and plasma.

My platelet count is nice and high so when I go I say, “Super Size Me!” I donate a Triple amount and it takes about 2 hours. To pass the time, there is a TV (which usually has lots of Negative News), so I either bring a book, bring my iPhone, or just take the time to relax. There is nothing like having to stay put for 2 hours without any method of ‘escape’. It is nice to know that when I am there, I can relax and just veg out.

Of course, when I am doing this, it is a completely selfish-less activity. I have no idea who will get my platelets, I do not get paid for my time. The only remuneration I get is the Lorna Doone cookies followed by some apple juice! I go every month, sometimes I fit in an extra session if I have the time. Friends ask me why I do it and without thinking, I say, “Why Not?”

Be Well.

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  1. Paulette on August 21, 2009 at 10:52 am

    What a wonderful and generous donation! You truly are giving the gift of life! There are many people out there who depend on platelets, plasma and red blood cells to remain alive! I am hoping that the recipients realize there is a giving, caring concerned person attached with the next transfusion.
    I am grateful for your generosity, you are keeping a loved one alive:)

  2. Janet on August 22, 2009 at 12:31 pm


    Once again you brought a lump to my throat and a smile to face, describing your drive home from work later in the evening. You perfectly put into words my overwhelming feeling of gratitude as I drive home from a late day at my elementary school, having given my all to the students and staff. It\\\’s that sense of meaning that adds yet another layer of gratitude. How very lucky I am to be paid to do something I love that has such an impact on so many people. Life is so good. And thank you for your posts. You definitely make a difference.

    Gratefully yours,

  3. Paul on August 22, 2009 at 5:24 pm


    Thanks for the comment! When I donate, I am giving my platelets as a gift. It would be nice if the recipient feels the gratitude and is thankful. But, I certainly am not looking for a personal thank you. I am not sure that would even be possible in today’s world (with HIPAA and such).

    I was going to comment about what ‘A Gift’ means to me in my reply to you, but I think I will save that for a Blog entry this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Paul on August 22, 2009 at 5:35 pm


    Money cannot buy happiness and it cannot buy gratitude! I wish everyone could experience the feeling of gratitude as frequently as possible.

    I would also like to thank you for being a teacher. You are in a noble profession although many times it is over looked. Thank you for everything you do.

  5. Brian Mohrman on August 22, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    You are truly a Man Of Action and these actions speak volumes about you and you personally.you’re giving. your time wisely.God Bless you and yours Paul that is something Refreshing sounds like a good word.Well Please Keep the Good in all of us.

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