Gratitude for Mindset

How much gratitude do you have for your mindset?

Your mindset can be defined as a way of thinking; an attitude or opinion, especially a habitual one. My friend, PJ McClure – the Mindset Maven describes this as “a personal foundation each person has in place that determines how successfully they can build a better, larger life than they have now.” Everyone has this foundation. Some people have worked on this foundation most of their life. Others have had it built by the people they hang around with and have no conscious awareness that it was even built! Which one would you prefer, and more importantly, which one fits you (it could be both!)?

One thing that I love about writing for All About Gratitude is that the information here helps build your foundation. People have written to me that my message here resonates with them and has changed their life. Others have unsubscribed from the Gratitude Burst saying it was not relevant to their life, or that it was too preachy, or that it was just too much for them to deal with! Funny how the EXACT same message can be ‘interpreted’ in such a diametrically opposed thought!

Gratitude-BrainHow can this happen? How can the same set of words affect so many people in such a different way? I think it can boil down to their mindset – it is where they are right now, in this moment, and how they accept the message that is coming at them! People have a different interpretation of gratitude, of what their purpose is, of how they were brought up, of what their beliefs are, and even what motivates them. Each of these factors will affect who they are!

My message here on this blog and in the Daily Gratitude Burst is exactly that – it is MY message. It comes from the core of my mindset; it is what I believe. You can take it and digest it. Use what works for you. Think about it. Digest it. Let it percolate! If you like what I am saying, awesome! Use it! If you don’t like it – throw it away, and think about what it is that makes you want to put distance between you and it.

I am sharing my thoughts based on my upbringing. It is based on research that I have been doing for years. It is centered around my past experiences. It is centered around my mindset. You mileage may vary and where my message ‘fits’ with you depends on all of these things – but for you!

One of the wonderful things about mindset is that you can change it. It may not be immediate, but it can change. It usually will take a lot of work, IF you want to really change it. For example, I have specifically talked about Gratitude (after all, this site is, All About Gratitude) and how you an increase it in your life, if you want to! If you have no desire to increase your gratitude because you don’t think it is important, then you probably have no interest in learning those ideas.

I work on my mindset everyday. I fill my mind with lots of great information. I am constantly learning more about myself. What are YOU doing to improve your mindset and your life?

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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