Gratitude vs. Strangulation

Gratitude-FrustrationI was trying to come up with a short and descriptive title for today’s post that really got my point across; does ‘Gratitude vs. Strangulation’ fit that challenge? I think so! It certainly reflects a 360 degree of feelings that we all go through at some point in our day, week, or month. Let me tell you about mine…

You might think that I am peaceful, calm, full of gratitude, seeing the glass more than half-full, smiling, happy person around the clock. I was actually asked once if I was the, ‘Airy-Fairy, New-Age Zen, Crunchy’ type. While I am not sure what that means, I certainly do not think it describes me. I may be full of gratitude MOST of the time, I am a normal, regular person that feels the full range of emotions.

Yes, it is true. I get angry. I get upset. I am very passionate about what I do and have a disdain for mediocrity. I really dislike even less than mediocrity. I have my ups and downs at work. I get frustrated. I get annoyed. My secret though, is that I  feel the gratitude deep down inside me. I know that I am grateful for being employed. I know that even though I am being pulled on 3 different projects (with barely enough time to do 1) when I pause and I experience my gratitude, I clam down. Even if it is for a moment. During that pause I have enough reassurance and calming that the craziness around me is superfluous; it is on the fringe of what really truly matters.

OK, strangulation is a strong word. Perhaps I just want to grab onto some people and just shake them. That is my frustration speaking 🙂 I know that I am angry at the action, not the person doing the action. I express my gratitude to my co-workers all the time. They appreciate it; this helps me maintain my sanity and my overall good nature.

It takes practice – and I practice everyday.

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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