Feel Great Right Now!

gratitude-paradiseHere in New Jersey (of the USA) we got about 6 inches of snow last night. It was a little more than expected. I remember this post from a few years ago and needed to follow its advice! It is still as relevant as it was when I first posted it!

Want to feel more gratitude right now? Want to feel great in an instant? Here is a quick, sure-fire way to feel good right now! I read this in a magazine a couple of years ago and still remember about this today.

Close your eyes and think about a place that you have been to where everything seemed perfect! Reflect back to a time when you felt the most gratitude you ever have! Maybe it was when you were on a vacation, or visiting a tropical island, or maybe just in your backyard. Think back how you felt at that time. Try to experience the fabulous mood you were in at the time. Put yourself back at the moment and relive it all again. Stay like that for a minute or so.

When you open your eyes and ‘come back’ you will feel great! I can promise that!

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru


  1. Melissa on July 9, 2011 at 9:08 am

    How appropriate is today’s burst about doing the right thing. G and I were just talking about this last night on our drive home last night. There is a tv show Men Of A Certain Age….about 3 friends from high school who are turning 50, and the trials and tribulations and yet more decisions they have to make that will affect their future. One storyline was about Ray Romano getting back into golf by playing in a senior pro golf tournament and he had been practicing for months. His son was his caddy and they were up, they were down and decided they would be a father/son team and were doing well when Raymond noticed he had 1 too many clubs in his bag. The son said not to report it since they were winning, however, Raymond did the right thing and it cost him 2 penalty strokes. He was one of the first to finish and ended up tying for 6th place….the top 5 moved on in the tournament. He was upset and his son felt he was to blame, however, he played a good game and decided he didn’t need this tournament to identify himself, he had done so with his son by showing him it was the right thing to do. As fate would have it, it started to pour and the guys in the top spots burned out and fell behind. The important/valuable point is at that point he didn’t care…yes it was great to win…but what was better is he didn’t NEED it to move on with his life.

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