Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to all of you out there in the Internets!

Today is Friday which brings forth many reasons to celebrate my gratitude! A few things to point out:

  1. I realize that I have not updated my 1,001 Things To Be Grateful list. I will once again resume the posting of items on that list! After all, it is only fitting with ThanksGiving less than one week away I resume that practice!
  2. Today is one week since I had my surgery. Time flies, huh? Well, it does for me. This past week has been a bit of blur – it has been a combination of sleep, more sleep, and doing not much else. I did have the opportunity to teach my college course virtually as well as my private Website Coaching students. That was a nice ‘break’.
  3. I received an email yesterday reminding me that ThanksGiving is in one week! Wow! That really crept up on me! I am looking forward to getting together with family and having a good time! I am sure that I will be writing about that in the next couple of days.


The New Happy MeWith all that personal stuff out of the way, I want to actually take a break from posting for today and tell you about another awesome site!

I ‘met’ my friend, Carmen, just short of a year ago when she was starting her website, The New Happy Me. We spoke on the phone a few times discussing how she could get her site up and running, fitting in the time to write, managing everyday activities, and still share her gifts with everyone on her site. She has made wonderful progress from those early days!

When I see an email from her, it is one of the first ones I read!

She is currently talking about New Year Resolutions. I think that great planning starts early and the fact that she is gearing up for the new year now is fantastic! If you want to really make a difference in 2012, now is the time to get organized with it. Personally, I applaud her for her preparation.

Of course, she deals with other topics such as:

  • Looking for Happiness
  • Finding Happiness
  • Visualization
  • Dream Boards
  • Loving Yourself
  • and a whole myriad of other topics!

Again, I highly suggest you take a look at Carmen’s site, The New Happy Me. I am sure you will love it as I do!

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru




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  1. Carmen on November 18, 2011 at 8:44 am

    WOW! Thanks Paul!!

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