Gratitude For Those That Made A Difference

Over the past few days, I have written about the practice of writing things down – keeping a gratitude journal, a Happy Journal, to name a few. I just read an article in Time magazine,  The Life-Changing Practice That Will Help You Feel More Gratitude, by Yohanca Delgado that offers another wonderful practice – tracking…

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Gratitude Affirmation

I am thankful for all opportunities. My attitude reflects my happiness. I am thankful for all opportunities that come my way. I let go of the idea that things must be ideal for me to be happy. I recognize that every situation has both challenges and rewards. Basing my sense of well-being on the absence…

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Five Positive Ways to Express Your Gratitude

A couple of days ago, I wrote about “Show Your Gratitude to Others with Compliments” – this is certainly a great way to express gratitude. In the past couple of days, a few folks have reached out and let me know that they have difficulty expressing gratitude. Oftentimes, gratitude is mixed in with other feelings…

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13 Life Lessons From Movies and TV Specials


As the holidays were underfoot last month, all the classic Movies were played on TV. As I watched some of these, I realized that there were some great messages in these flicks. It got me thinking… What if a list was compiled outlining some great messages? What a great thing to share with others! Have…

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The Store Owner

One day a store owner was robbed. As the robber was running down the street the store owner screamed after him “May your life always be blessed with abundance!” The robber was stunned by this & returned asking “Why after I robbed you would you bless me with abundance?” The owner replied, “When I bless…

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WWWS: What Would Wayne Say?

I have always been a fan of Wayne Dyer. He always keeps it simple, explains things so easily, and has a calming nature about himself. What is NOT to like? If you look at the books in my library, there is a whole section of his books. I also have a couple of his DVD…

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