As I wrote in my previous post, my computer is out of commission. It has some problems booting up and staying on. It is at the Apple Store having tests performed on it.

As such, my life has been turned upside down. I do almost EVERYTHING on my computer. Email, finances, bill paying, writing, video editing, tracking all my notes, maintaining my calendar/schedule, my address book, bithday lists, etc. There is clearly a dependency there.

So to say my life is turned upside down and and in turmoil is certainly an exaggeration – I am aware of that. I may feel like i am crippled without my technology, but i can still function.

I am currently at my car dealership this morning waiting for my car to be serviced. Tragic pictures from the aftermath of the earthquakes in Haiti are all over the TV that are playing in the corner. A mind-shaking quote was given by one of the Haitian citizens – “Everything that was important is no longer important.”

Tradegy has a way of revealing what is really important. Times like this make us realize that family, friends, and helping each other is what really counts.

My heart and thoughts go out to the small island in the Caribbean.

Today you will be faced with ‘difficult’ decisions – where to go for lunch, what car to purchase, go shopping or stay in from the cold. As you make these decisions, take a moment and think about the real big picture. Not having my computer on my desk is nothing compared to what others are facing this week. I am truly grateful for what I have.

Be Well.

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  1. Melanie on January 14, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    So many people are talking and writing about this tragedy. I think what you have said is the most meaningful so far. Everywhere I have been today – the grocery store, post office – people have been quieter and more thoughtful, more attentive and kinder to each other. I guess your thoughts reflect what people are thinking today. I feel so sad for the people of Haiti, especially the children. I’m praying that God will be with them and help them.

  2. Paul on January 14, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    Thanks for the comment, Melanie. Hopefully people can continue to be more thoughtful long after this event. Right now, however, it is a very somber time.

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