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Answer the Call - 100 Day Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge is a revolutionary extreme performance acceleration system that is responsible for transforming business and human potential into extraordinary results worldwide.

I have been looking and doing some research on the 100 Day challenge when I first looked at this a couple years ago. I found out that over 50,000 people from all parts of the world have participated in in the 100 Day challenge! Wow!

He has also worked with global companies like Xerox, HP, Verizon, Subway, Bank of America, Benjamin Moore, IBM,, Kraft, GE, Keller Williams, Mary Kay, FedEx, and State Farm.

Yeah… BIG names!

When I found that out, I figured that names like that could not ALL be wrong. So, I checked it out and participated!

The main thing to understand is that the program is easy to follow, it is simple (yet extensive) and it delivers! Now, don’t get me wrong – this aint no walk in the park. As with most programs, you get out what you put in! You have to do some work. You have to plan. You have to set aside some time to work the program if you want the program to work! (OK – I *had* to get in at least one cliche!

Over the course of 14 highly disciplined weeks, you will learn how to implement the world’s best strategy and execution framework into your business and personal life while driving accountability. Accountability is a key component! When you are accountable, you will make things happen!

You might be asking yourself.. So, how does it work?

1. You get a MAP (Massive Action Plan) set. This involves using goal setting tools to decide where you want to be at the end of the 100 days. You really want to think BIG here are come up with some LARGE goals!

2. Check your email – you will get a coaching email from Gary Ryan Blair everyday to get you started! It is motivational, some content, and some straight talk.

3. Everyday you will get a video from 3 to 5 minutes long. They are good! You will want to watch them.

4. I mentioned accountability before – here it is! There’s an accountability program so you ill wnat to complete what you say you will. You can’t hide here!

Here’s what I really like about it.

1. It forces you to think afresh about what your top goals are.

2. You then have to write them into the system and submit them!

You also know at the outset how important it is to commit to them 100%

I liked the free goal setting toolkit – lots of good information and an excellent basis for planning.

3. Each day a 3-4 minute video popped into my inbox and that video both reminded me I needed to take steps on my goals that day and that all things are possible through never ending focus, commitment and action.

The videos were also excellent in quality.

4. Each day you are asked to write into the system exactly what action steps you are planning to do that day. The steps never need to be big but this way you know every day you are making progress on your key goals.

5. You learn a lot. Although I accomplishment  a lot, I still learned more to get even more accomplished!

6. The videos cover 100 different topics – all of which are key elements to success.

Here are a just a few:-

  • Raise The Bar
  • Create a breakthrough
  • No More Excuses
  • Be resilient
  • The Power of Focus
  • Excellence Always
  • Results are everything

And many many more.

7. There are frequent ‘After Action Reviews’, sessions providing the opportunity to take time out to review the lessons, measure progress to date and refine plans as necessary for the future.

8. There is also a forum you can go to where other participants, all inspired by excellence and achieving more, can offer their advice and help.

9. Your motivation and learning are spread across a three month period and are sustained.

One hundred days is a long time to have a ‘coach’ by your side and I will admit I did not write my daily action steps into the system EVERY day. But I did write them into my paper diary. And I committed to achieving them.

10.¬† I loved it. Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 day challenge program worked for me and I realized it has the power to work for so many people personally or professionally in so many different situations. Oh – I am going through it AGAIN to finish up 2013 stronger than ever!

All you really need is to speak English, be able to read, and to be able to type your action steps onto a webpage. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

SO go on and try it our – The 100 Day Challenge – it has a money back guarantee so you can’t go wrong!

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