A Bunch of Countries

This evening I decided to do a little bit of checking… I was curious to see what countries are actively receiving the Gratitude Quote of the Day. I must tell you… I am pretty surprised! The following represents a country that has someone getting the quote:

United States, Canada, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Malaysia, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Indonesia, Malta, Greece, New Zealand, Finland, Egypt, Morocco, Satellite Provider (huh?), Ghana, Pakistan, Switzerland, Colombia, Cyprus, Iceland, Israel, Uganda, Kuwait, Taiwan, Ecuador, Netherlands, Ireland, Lebanon, France, and Unknown!

Wow! I am so grateful to see the message spreading across this wonderful planet of ours! To think that Gratitude is reaching all over brings a smile to my face!

Seeing this list also broadens my thinking and provided a little wake up call (ok – it was actually like a good slap
in the face that I needed!) I send the quote out early each morning so people can start the day off on the right foot. Little did I even think that 5 am EST is almost lunchtime in Nigeria! Of course, I knew there is a time difference, but it never dawned on me to think the quote was going out, “that late.”

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Be Well.

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