Why Do Most People Fail at Dieting Long-Term?

Few people are able to start a diet and stick to it for an extended period of time. It might be a New Year’s resolution which lasts until March, or maybe it’s a three-month diet to get them in better shape for the summer time. Either way, diets rarely last very long and there are certain reasons for this which are common with most people.

They’re seeing it as a diet

There are many negative ideas associated with being ‘on a diet’ and ‘dieting’. Starving yourself of all the foods you like, having to exercise relentlessly even when you’re feeling fatigued and stress, and having to miss out on social events with friends because you can’t eat unhealthy snacks or drink alcohol and sugary drinks. Start seeing your diet as a healthier way of living and you’ll soon change your outlook.

It’s not sustainable

People try too hard to do things that are not sustainable, therefore it’s no surprise that people last a couple of weeks before ‘giving up on the diet’. Instead of vowing to only ever eat vegetables for the rest of the year, make more realistic goals such as cutting down on portion sizes, reducing the amount of white carbs and white flour you eat and drinking more water. These are things that you can do for the rest of your life without causing any damage to your body or metabolism.

It gets boring

People have certain ideas about healthy eating that don’t seem to change much. They believe that they have to eat bland vegetables all the time, or that adding butter and creams to their recipes will be a disaster for their dieting regime. In order to stay with a diet plan and keep eating healthier, mix up your recipes and eat different things. Rather than eating porridge for breakfast for three months in a row, rotate between three or four breakfast ideas.

They’re not seeing results

In order to see results from dieting, you need to make sure that you’re eating the right foods and that you’re eating the right amounts of food. Some people are eating too much of the right foods, while others aren’t eating enough food at all – this can contribute to a lack of results too. If you’re hoping to tone up, you should spend 4-5 days exercising, taking part in both strength training and aerobics.

Of course, it goes without saying – when you do see the results, then you are grateful!

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